electronic fluid treatment technology
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ENiGMA - How It Works

The ENiGMA is an electronic water conditioner that is applied externally to the pipe of the water system or equipment requiring protection against damaging limescale.  Treatment is applied simply by wrapping a signal cable around the outside of a pipe to form a coil.  A range of units are available to cover pipe sizes from 8 mm to 1250 mm.  No cutting into the pipework or additional plumbing is required.

Using modern microprocessors and signal processing techniques, the ENiGMA produces a complex, frequency modulated waveform.  When these frequencies are applied, an oscillating electric field is induced into the water resulting in agitation of water molecules sufficient to trigger the release of carbon dioxide ( CO2) resulting in the premature precipitation of  calcium bicarbonate.  Because precipitation occurs in the bulk of the water, the crystals seed onto other naturally occurring ions in the water, such as zinc.  Their size and shape bear no physical resemblance to those formed in untreated water and they remain in suspension until discharged to drain.  

This process naturally results in a tiny increase in solubility, which allows the now unsaturated water to dissolve existing scale deposits and remove them from the water system.  Even deposits on the outside of the water system, on bathroom fittings for example, will soften with regular contact with treated water resulting in easier cleaning without the use of chemicals.

The key to effectively making use of this process lies in understanding not only the process itself but what prevents it happening and what causes the water to revert back to its previous condition.  It is this understanding and many years practical experience that have enabled ETC to master fully this exciting emerging technology.





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