About Us

Environmental Treatment Concepts Ltd

The ENiGMA Electronic Descaler is designed and produced by Environmental Treatment Concepts Ltd (ETC), a company that is in the forefront of the research into the ecological and economical treatment of hard water.

Many years of working with universities, water and wastewater companies, industry and commercial users have given ETC unique specialist expertise in using this non-chemical technology to solve hard water problems. The company believes in continuous investment in research and development. ETC is an active member of British Water and the Environmental Industries Commission.

We do not merely sell equipment - we ensure that our customers receive a solution and the very best in technical support and advice. The company always strives to show the customer what or how to measure the effectiveness of treatment. This often involves installing temperature and flow and energy data logging systems.

The Philosophy of John Thompson

We owe much of our success to the passion and vision of our founder, John Thompson, an ex Royal Navy Weapons Electronics Engineer.

"As a family run business we value the power of developing good relationships with our customers and suppliers.

We strongly believe that a personal service is of the highest importance, no matter who the client may be. Consequently, selling boxes is not in the company's mentality. A knowledgeable and friendly voice is always available at our end of the phone.

Not resting on our laurels, we are always engaged in co-operative research to see how far the ETC product range can benefit the industrial and commercial communities with a priority of addressing today's environmental issues."