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Yala Fund Provides Medical Clinics For The Elderly

18 May 2016

The Yala Fund was formed in 2005 by Jon Ashworth, a former Times journalist, with his friends and fellow charity trustees Bev and John Thompson and Suzy Payne.  Yala began as a Tsunami relief charity and has widened out to help poor schools, families and medical causes in south-eastern Sri Lanka. 

At the end of last year the Yala Fund set up its first Medical Clinic in Tissamaharama.  The charity uses the Debarawewa Community Hall, which was part built by the Yala Fund, to hold monthly clinics for people over the age of 60.   It is an impoverished rural area and elderly people face many hardships due to lack of money.  The clinic offers a free monthly consultation with a Doctor and they also receive free medication if required.

The clinics have been a great success with 65 elderly people attending the first one and Yala paid for all their prescriptions.

Please click on the following link to read Jon Ashworth's full report on the Medical Clinics and what a difference they are making to people's lives.  Medical Clinics Report - May 2016.

The pictures below show the community centre where the monthly clinics take place and those benefiting from it.