electronic fluid treatment technology
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Marlborough College is an independent boarding and day school in the market town of Marlborough, Wiltshire, from which it takes its name.  Founded in 1843 for the sons of Church of England clergy, it is now coeducational and forms an impressive backdrop to the town and surrounding area.


The college, consisting of a large number of educational buildings, as well as 15 boarding houses, sits in an area with particularly hard water.  This presents its own challenges with building maintenance.


For many years the college has suffered from the effects of being in such a hard water area, with pipes becoming fouled, which in turn effects the efficiency of the hot water systems.


Until, that was, Environmental Treatment Concepts installed an ENiGMA Limescale Control system in one of the boarding houses.  Before commissioning the equipment, ETC embarked on a programme of Data Capture, enabling them to form a picture of how badly the pipes were scaled and how inefficient the hot water system had become.  Two weeks of benchmarking, prior to the ENiGMA system being installed, revealed that a recovery time through 3 degrees, took some 141 minutes!


The same data was then captured during the 5 weeks following the ENiGMA system being commissioned.  The results were exactly what the team from ETC had expected.  During the monitoring period, the rate of recovery had improved by 17%, to 118 minutes, meaning that the hot water system is using less gas whilst providing the hot water that our buildings require, particularly at times of high demand.


History has shown that Marlborough College already utilises sustainable maintenance methodologies and systems throughout its site operations.  In addition, the school has an ongoing policy of actively looking to improve their working practices and existing facilities in line with current environmental concerns and best practice.  ENiGMA will form part of this overall strategy and will be rolled out over time across the estate.