electronic fluid treatment technology
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Energy Efficiency 

Energy Efficiency & Sustainability are core challenges facing Building Management and Design today. Maintaining limescale-free water systems goes a long way to address these issues.

Scale reduces the thermal efficiency of heat exchangers and increases the time taken for them to achieve their required temperature.  For every 1mm of scale deposited on a heat exchanger 7% more energy will be needed to heat.  Cooling systems also suffer, but at far higher levels.  According to York International, 0.9mm of scale in a 500 ton chiller condenser increases annual energy costs by £25,000.

ENiGMA improves energy efficiency by preventing scale deposition and removing existing scale deposits.

Added benefits include reducing both maintenance and downtime, protection of the entire water system, easy to install and move.

ENiGMA is available for any pipe diameter, suitable for any material and will cope with any flow rate.


Our units are installed in some of London's iconic buildings.